Fusing jazz, funk and international musics, Richmond, Virginia’s Afro-Zen Allstars present compelling originals and new takes on classics of world jazz and global grooves. Led by a driving horn section, Afro-Zen deliver irresistible and exotic rhythms and melodies that take inspiration from groove-based music from around the globe. This "little big band" is a multicultural, multigenerational collective featuring the best of the RVA's acclaimed sound, including past and present members of such East Coast luminaries as: Bio Ritmo, Miramar, Black Masala, No BS! Brass Band, Hotel X, Luray, Glows In The Dark, Evolution of the Groove, and more.

Afro-Zen Allstars:

Brian Cruse, bass
John Lilley, alto/tenor sax
George M Lowe, guitar and arrangements
Scott Milstead, drums
Chris Sclafani, alto/baritone sax
Chris Vasi, guitar
Toby Whitaker, trombone

Keith Cable, percussion

Myrick Crampton, alto/tenor/baritone sax

But you never know who may take the stage, as an all-star cast of RVA's best musicians routinely perform with AZAS. Guest allstars include: Suzi Fischer, sax; Reggie Chapman, trombone and tuba; Scott Clark, drums; Marcus Tenney, trumpet; Reggie Pace, trombone and percussion; Marc Langelier, bass; Jason Scott, sax; JC Kuhl, sax; Carter Blough, bass; Bayo Adrien, percussion; Bryan Hooten, trombone; Eddie Prendergast, bass; Cameron Ralston, bass; Will Roman, percussion, Robbie Kinter, drums, CJ Alicea, drums, Lance Koehler, drums; Rei Alvarez, percussion; Bryan Connolly, drums; Pete Anderson, trombone; David Hood, sax.. All ringers!