Our music exists at the place where African musical tradition connects with Jazz and Jam, and the lovely and haunting sounds created in Ethiopia during the "Golden Age" (late '60's- mid '70's) serve as our primary inspiration. We also have a large repertoire of material from all over Africa and beyond, plus similarly flavored originals. This is music for the mind, body and spirit and, with the goal of increasing the amount of joy in the world, we hope to share it far and wide

Afro-Zen Allstars are:

Brian Cruse, bass
John Lilley, alto/tenor sax
George M Lowe, guitar and arrangements
Scott Milstead, drums
Chris Sclafani, alto/baritone sax
Chris Vasi, guitar
Toby Whitaker, trombone

Keith Cable, percussion

Of course, you never know who may take the stage, as an all-star cast of RVA's best musicians routinely perform with AZAS. Guest allstars have included: Myrick Crampton, sax; Suzi Fischer, sax; Reggie Chapman, trombone and tuba; Scott Clark, drums; Marcus Tenney, trumpet; Reggie Pace, trombone and percussion; Marc Langelier, bass; Jason Scott, sax; JC Kuhl, sax; Carter Blough, bass; Bayo Adrien, percussion; Bryan Hooten, trombone; Eddie Prendergast, bass; Cameron Ralston, bass; Will Roman, percussion, Robbie Kinter, drums, CJ Alicea, drums, Lance Koehler, drums; Rei Alvarez, percussion; Bryan Connolly, drums; Pete Anderson, trombone; David Hood, sax.. All ringers!